Acoustic Technology Center

Our Acoustic Technology Center provides complex system evaluations to identify thermal and acoustic problems. We then develop an optimized solution to effectively treat those problems—and validate the outcomes—all under one roof.

Our Process



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The beginning of your product’s journey.

Before we can design a solution, we must diagnose the problem. That’s why your product’s journey begins with rigorous testing and modeling to determine the root causes of the issue.

Our Acoustic Technology Center utilizes various advanced technologies to identify the sources of the thermal and acoustic problems throughout the component or entire system, pinpointing the pathways that contribute to unwanted noise, vibration, or heat.



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We bring your product to life.

Once the root causes of the problem are determined, we begin creating the potential solutions. Our extensive testing capabilities validate the requirements of the solution package and give you the opportunity to see firsthand how the engineered solution is optimized for performance and efficiency.



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We find the right solution.

In our hemi-anechoic dynamometer chamber—one of only two class 8 truck testing facilities in the United States—we verify the solution by simulating real-world operating conditions in our testing facility.

We want you to be confident that when you leave our facility, you have the solution: the one that will solve the problem that brought you to us.



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We send you home with exactly what you need.

Once we’ve proven that our solution is the best one for your needs, we produce your custom package and engineer it to your exact specifications to bring your product to life.

By the end of our process, you’ll know your solution package will meet your cost goals and engineering requirements.

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