We’ve spent many years making a name for ourselves in the aerospace market as a pioneer and industry leader. Our proprietary aircraft materials are compliant with FAA flammability requirements and are specially engineered to control noise, vibration, and thermal energy.

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Agriculture & Construction

Our materials are created to treat the demands of acoustic and thermal energy issues in the cab and engine compartments of agriculture and construction vehicles. We provide design engineering support for custom kits and treatment packages catered to whatever best fits your equipment needs.

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Commercial Vehicles

With Aearo, you’ll be getting access to one of the best large-vehicle-testing facilities in the United States. Our Acoustic Technology Center can identify the source of your noise, thermal, or vibration issues. Let us do the heavy lifting to find the solution your vehicle needs.

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Whatever your electronic device, we have the same goal: control unwanted energy and shock events for a better user experience and increased device durability. We work closely alongside your engineers from prototype to production, providing customized energy control solutions that fit your product’s needs.

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Power Generation

We are a leading provider of solutions for vibration, airborne noise, and thermal protection in the power generation industry. Whatever your design challenge, we’ll work to meet your needs for quieter operation, enhanced precision, and greater durability.

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Specialty Vehicles

We develop and manufacture many noise and thermal products for specialty vehicles, including emergency services, medical transport, and others. Our full vehicle or component sound-mapping tests help us pinpoint the source of noise and thermal activity.

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Acoustic Technology Center

We get that a problem in your product can be daunting, but we like diagnosing problems almost as much as we like solving them. Once we’ve identified your problem, we customize your ideal solution, and we prove it works in our Acoustic Technology Center, giving you complete confidence in your product.

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Need a custom solution?

What works best for someone else may not work best for you. That’s why we offer custom solutions developed by our engineers to fit the exact specification you’re looking for. There’s no one-size-fits-all answer here, just answers to problems—your problems—and solutions that are unique to you.