ISODAMP™ Damping Materials

Product Description

ISODAMP™ damping materials offer practical, effective solutions for impact noise and structureborne vibration. The broad range of ISODAMP™ damping materials affords high-performance vibration control under diverse physical, temperature and environmental conditions. Choices available for discrete thickness and temperature conditions

  • Available for extensional, composite and constrained-layer systems
  • Available as custom designed parts, both with and without pressure-sensitive adhesive backing
Part #s: SD, C-2003, C-2206, NV-7500S, SD-40, SD-40PSA, SD-40ALPSA, SD-125, SD-125PSA, C-2003-05, C-2003-05PSA, C-2003-12, C-2003-12PSA, C-2003-19, C-2003-19PSA, C-2206-03, C-2206-03PSA, NV-3520S, NV-3534S, NV-7520S
Agriculture & ConstructionCommercial VehiclesDefenseMarineMedical DevicesPower GenerationSpecialty Vehicles
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