ISODAMP™ Molding Materials – Thermoplastics

Product Description

Aearo’s proprietary, highly damped ISODAMP™ thermoplastic and VersaDamp™ thermoplastic molding materials are standard and custom-molded to provide high performance shock, vibration and noise control. As highly damped elastomers, these materials platforms exhibit extremely low rebound characteristics, ensuring very low amplification at resonance and rapid settling to equilibrium after shock or vibration input. Standard and custom configurations include numerous styles of isolation grommets (with or without metal inserts), bushings, mounting pads and feet, self-locking fan mounts, snubbers, gaskets, bumpers and pads.

VersaDamp™ materials also feature adjustable damping and stiffness, enabling custom-tuning of dynamic response. This materials family also offers an extended service temperature range.

  • Excellent physical integrity
  • Soft and pliable, yet physically strong
  • Good flame resistance
  • Excellent wear resistance
  • Very high loss factor, for effective structureborne shock, vibration and noise control at the source
  • Tight tolerances
Part #s: C-1002, C-1100, C-8002, C-8012, C-8070, C-8130, V-2325, V-2590, V-2599, V-2775, C-1002-01, C-1002-03, C-1002-06, C-1002-12, C-1002-25, C-1002-50, C-1002-99 (all can come with PSA)
AerospaceCommercial VehiclesElectronicsMedical Devices
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