TUFCOTE™ Absorbing Foams

Product Description

TUFCOTE™ acoustical absorbing foams are widely used to reduce noise levels within a given space—from equipment cabinetry to vehicle cabs. These tough urethane foams are easily installed, and are available with a variety of protective facings, in thicknesses to match the environmental needs of most any application.

Aearo has formulated TUFCOTE™ acoustical foams to meet the needs of specific markets. M-Series foams, e.g., M-100RM, have been developed specifically for transportation applications, such as heavy-duty trucks. E-Series foams are for general OEM use. H-Series foams include additional flame retardant levels and are designed to meet industry requirements for electrical enclosures, generators and similar equipment.

  • Economical, functional sound absorption
  • Available in composite form with TUFCOTE™ barriers and with pressure-sensitive adhesive (PSA) backing
  • Select from E-, M-, and H-Series, depending on flammability requirements
Part #s: E-50SM/PSA, E-100SM/PSA, E-50SF/PSA, E-100SF/PSA, E-50RM/PSA, E-100RM/PSA (Instead of E foam, All can be M and H)
Agriculture & ConstructionCommercial VehiclesMedical DevicesPower GenerationSpecialty Vehicles
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